Charlie Adam told to forget about Spurs

Blackpool skipper Charlie Adam
Blackpool skipper Charlie Adam
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IF things had worked out differently on transfer deadline day, Charlie Adam might have been lining up in the white of Tottenham tonight.

Thankfully for Pool fans, a last-ditch bid from the London club was turned down and the Seasiders skipper didn’t go anywhere.

Adam was gutted at the time, but he’s now got his head back together and is focusing on more important matters – keeping Pool in the Premier League.

And Harry Redknapp, the man who wanted to sign him, thinks the Scot is doing the right thing. “He’s a good player but he’s got to concentrate on Blackpool now, which he will do. He’s got to concentrate on helping Blackpool avoid relegation,” says Redknapp.

“They’ve done fantastically well this season, but they’ve got to keep doing it now because they’ve suddenly had a few dodgy results and Ollie’s got to get them back on the road again.

“Charlie Adam’s future is at Blackpool until the end of the season and I wouldn’t want to start speculating, but he is a good player and I’m sure that he’s got the potential to play for a really big club if he wants to.”

That last line is a little worrying for the Seasiders, suggesting Spurs – along with a fair few other clubs – will return for Adam in the summer.

Mind you, that’s to be expected – Pool are more or less resigned to losing their captain come the end of the season.

What they want to ensure is that when Adam exits the club is still in the top flight – something Redknapp didn’t believe they could achieve at the start of the campaign.

“Let’s be honest, no-one saw them having a chance to survive this year. I think everybody said they’d be lucky if they got 20 points,” added the Spurs boss.

“Well they’ve gone to places like Liverpool and turned teams over. They won at Stoke, which not many teams do. I’ve seen an awful lot of them on the TV and they have a go, they attack. They get after teams and they’ve just been absolutely brilliant. So has Ollie – he’s been great value as well.

“I don’t think I’ve ever actually managed a team against Ollie but I saw him at the League Managers’ meeting at the start of the year and he was absolutely brilliant,” recalls Redknapp. “He took the meeting over to be fair. Alex Ferguson and everyone was there but I don’t think anyone got a word in.

“I said at the end, ‘Ollie, it’s been great having you here this year. I don’t think we’ll be seeing you here at the next Premier League meeting – unless you get another Premier League club – but you’ve been great value this year.’ He said, ‘I think you’re right’ – but it looks like he might prove us all wrong.

“He’s done unbelievably well. He’s done an incredible job. What he’s done there has been a miracle.

“He’s full of enthusiasm, he’s bubbly, he’s a great character and he’s got his team playing fantastic football and getting great results.”

This is Redknapp’s first visit to Bloomfield Road since 1987, when he led Bournemouth to a 3-1 victory in the old Division Three.