Bolton and Bury plight is ruining League One says frustrated Fleetwood Town boss Joey Barton as he blasts the EFL

Joey Barton
Joey Barton
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Frustrated Fleetwood Town boss Joey Barton blasted the EFL and said the plight of Bolton and Bury is ruining League One.

Bury are yet to kick a ball in League One this term as issues over their ownership rumble on, while Bolton called off Tuesday's fixture against Doncaster Rovers due to concerns over the welfare of their young squad.
Bolton are unable to register players and their team of youngsters conceded five in each of their last two games.
Fleetwood have a mounting injury list that includes Jordan Rossiter, Ched Evans, Jack Sowerby and Conor McAleny, and boss Barton posed the question why he could not call off the clash with Accrington Stanley on Saturday.
And with both Bury and Bolton in administration and on -12 and -11 points respectively, Barton says the situation is a farce which the EFL has to sort out.
The Town boss said: "There are no mugs in this league. The only team you want to play at the minute is probably Bolton. They are a team full of kids.
"The reality of it is the league is becoming a bit of a farce.
"Donny get a freshener this week. Someone gets a bye in the cup. What is going on?
"The EFL need to have a real serious look at themselves because it is ruining our league.
"You have two teams on negative points, teams not fulfilling fixtures. It is a joke.
"I feel sorry for Phil (Parkinson) and the guys at Bolton but someone is going to play Donny on Saturday and they will have had a fresh week. It is not right.
"Something needs to be done about it sooner rather than later because it is ruining what was a great league last year and it is making a mockery of our league.
"Sorry to rant on about it but the conduct of the powers that be has annoyed me because League One last year was a fantastic league. It was really competitive and great to watch.
"You look at the league table in the paper and it looks like a bit of a Mickey Mouse league. Hopefully they sort it out and teams can fulfil fixtures.
"What am I going to say now? Can I postpone our game against Accy because we have a couple injuries?
"We have players out injured. I can wait another week and get Ched back. It is a farce."
Barton feels that Bolton are trying to buy time to get a new owner installed before snapping up all the out-of-contract players currently training with them.
The Town boss stressed that he feels sorry for Parkinson and the Bolton fans and players, but he believes the EFL must be accountable.
He added that Fleetwood work within Financial Fair Play guidelines but questioned who is policing the ownership and spending at other clubs.
Barton added: "In my opinion, Bolton are trying to buy time to get a takeover so that they can register all the players that are training with them. Then they will be more competitive.
"That is not Doncaster's fault. It's Bolton's fault - they have mismanaged their finances.
"It is not the fans' fault but they are the ones who are going to suffer.
"But what are we meant to do? I get that Bolton have to protect the young players, but if we had five players out and we said, 'Look, the lads aren't ready to go. They are tired', we'd just get laughed out of the EFL.
"It is becoming a farce. You'd never see that happen in the Premier League, so how can it happen in League One.
"This Fit and Proper Person Test, who does it? Clearly it does not work. Bury and Bolton are historic clubs and they have been absolutely sabotaged.
"The EFL are meant to have fans' interests and clubs at heart but it is killing the game.
"My uncle Tony Kelly played for Bolton and I made my Premier League debut there when they had the likes of Jay Jay Okocha. To see what has happened there is a farce.
"It is making our league a farce. Someone needs to say something about it. It's always me, I suppose, but it got to me.
"Donny will be absolutely frustrated. Tranmere got five (against Bolton). What are they going to do? Wipe the record when someone takes over? It is wrong.
"Tranmere are struggling but that could be the difference between someone staying up or going down. It could send a team into the division below. I just hope it does not happen.
"If Bury and Bolton have spent too much money, who is policing that?
"I'm told every time I sign a player that there is a salary cap. I can't do that or this because our CEO and chairman are proper.
"Teams should not be in our league, it should not happen. There should be safeguarding in place.
"Bolton are probably going to go into the division below and Bury will probably go out of business. That is a travesty ... in the modern era, with the money that is in the game.
"For fans who have supported their clubs for decades not to be able to watch football on a Saturday is a disgrace. The EFL have to be accountable.
"I'm not having a go at Bolton. I'm having a go at what they have allowed our league to become.
"Now the league cup has been compromised because they (Bury) cannot fulfil a fixture. They have given someone a bye.
"We want to be in the cup, give us a go! We will play Sheffield Wednesday.
"It just annoys me. We went to Forest, had a right go and we are out of the cup..."