Will Watt: The next manager HAS to be backed

Jose Riga
Jose Riga
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As Blackpool search for a new manager this morning, it’s much more than just finding the right man which is needed to turn things around at Bloomfield Road.

Whoever Karl Oyston chooses next has to be backed - it’s as simple as that.

They could name Jose Mourinho this afternoon as manager at Bloomfield Road but if he’s forced to feed off scraps and given little help in the transfer market, then it’s a total waste of time.

As for the sacking of Riga yesterday, well it was all too inevitable.

While the departure may not have gone down well with Blackpool supporters, for me something had to give.

That isn’t to say Riga isn’t a good coach and won’t go onto be a success elsewhere but there’s no doubt it wasn’t working at Bloomfield Road.

The much publicised row between Riga and Karl Oyston has without doubt been a major factor of this season’s problems, that and the fact the manager simply wasn’t backed.

From day one the pair have clashed and it’s resulted in the assembly of a squad which isn’t good enough to compete at this level.

The fans knew that, Riga knew that and probably even Oyston himself knew that.

But the clash in personalities got to the point where Oyston’s unwillingness to back his manager left Riga’s position totally untenable.

After Saturday’s game Riga’s body language was as low as I’ve ever seen it, you got the feeling he knew the writing was on the wall.

From a personal point of view it’s been an odd five months with Riga less than forthcoming with the media.

But that was his prerogative and his time at Bloomfield Road will always be overshadowed by his row and subsequent lack of support by Oyston. His record reads quite poorly with just one win in 15 games, including ten defeats, but that only tells a fraction of the story.

So good luck to Jose in the future, maybe he was the right man at the wrong time for Blackpool.

If he’d have been backed, who knows how different it may have been.