Will Watt: One man could save Blackpool

Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse at Blackpool.

That may sound a strange statement when talking about the departure of a largely unpopular manager who has won just three out of 33 games, but at least Blackpool had a manager.

In almost an identical case to this time last year, Pool are left with no players, no manager and no idea of which direction they are going, apart from League One, of course.

While it would be a huge gamble for both parties, I think we all know there’s only one man who can really sort out this mess – step forward Ian Holloway.

It’s unsure whether he’d want to come back, or if Karl Oyston would ever think of bringing him back, but when the club is at rock bottom he’s probably the only person who could pull everyone together.

Many of the fans would have reservations about a return for Ollie, not wanting his god-like reputation to be tarnished, but these are desperate times at Blackpool and he would be exactly the man to pull us all out of this mess.

So I call on Oyston to bring Holloway back to Bloomfield Road, he should never have been allowed to leave.

At a time everyone, including myself, are doubting your ambitious and willingness to turn things around - prove us wrong.

Saying that, simply bringing Ollie back wouldn’t make everything alright, he would only work should there be a major rehaul of everything at the club. It needs sorting.

Since Ollie walked out of the door we’ve been treated to a succession of managers who just didn’t fit at this club, Clark in the end turned out to be a total disaster.

Saying that, I’m not going to blame or disrespect Clark in anyway, in fact quite the opposite.

Too often in football people outstay their welcome and cling onto jobs just for the sake of having a job.

His decision to walk away, in my opinion, gained him huge respect, why on earth would he want to stay?

The minute he couldn’t even stand at the edge of the technical area in fear of being abused, the writing was well and truly on the wall.

And to be fair to Clark he can’t be blamed for trying to change things. He wanted a full-time fitness coach, he wanted the right staff and a decent level of players.

If Holloway isn’t possible, then I’d suggest Pool opt for a former player, someone who the fans respect.

Just as crucially, there needs to be a return to a core of Blackpool FC people in the set-up, the tactic of allowing managers to clear-out the back room staff hasn’t worked.

A start with back-room team would be a return for popular former coach Steve Thompson, with the likes of Brett Ormerod and Trevor Sinclair on the market.

There’s also no doubt the club have missed a Matt Williams type character to bring it all together.

The heart and spirit needs to be put back into Blackpool FC.

All of the above, like plans at Bloomfield Road, is easier said than done.

The tough thing for Oyston will be persuading someone to risk their football reputation to get involved in this mess.