Will Watt: If you’re going down, go down fighting

Blackpool's Jack Redshaw will have a big part to play this weekend
Blackpool's Jack Redshaw will have a big part to play this weekend
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Here’s something you probably didn’t expect to read when picking up today’s paper – I’m going to be (reasonably) nice about Neil McDonald and his squad.

The fact Pool remain in this relegation battle after failing to score in their last four games is another story, but since they are we may as well get behind them.

No matter what people think of the owners, the manager or some of the players, very few really want to see Blackpool relegated again.

It’s going to be very tough, you’d imagine Fleetwood will get some sort of result against Crewe, but I think there’s no reason Blackpool can’t go and get a result at Peterborough on Sunday.

Just in case you think I’ve been kidnapped and replaced by a Neil McDonald plant, I haven’t and I still feel Blackpool probably will go down on Sunday.

But the fact it has gone to the final day means the Seasiders have hope.

I also think the pressure is well and truly off. No-one expects McDonald’s men event to win on Sunday, let alone pull off the impossible and maintain their League One status.

After weeks of failing to put their relegation battle to bed, it’s Fleetwood’s players who will be having sleepless nights.

With the pressure off, there’s no reason McDonald’s men can’t go to Peterborough and get a result, then it’s a case of hoping Crewe can do them a favour.

It’s the game at Highbury which puts myself and The Gazette in a pretty terrible position – one of our clubs has to go this weekend.

While fans see Fleetwood as rivals, at The Gazette we very much support our friends on the north of the Fylde coast and this situation is pretty much the worst-case scenario.

As with Blackpool, scoring goals has been a real struggle for Fleetwood for some reason. Town need to find a breakthrough this weekend – they could be in for a very nervy last 10 minutes if it’s still 0-0.

Peterborough’s change of manager probably won’t help Blackpool much, particularly as a popular former player is caretaker boss.

The Posh were one of the fancied teams earlier in the season, then Graham Westley appeared to lose control a little and was sacked.

I watched Westley’s side last month and thought they were very poor. They didn’t appear to be responding to the manager or his ideas.

You’d imagine the players who didn’t care for Westley will be out to prove a point and play for Grant McCann this weekend – but there’s always the possibility of minds already on summer holidays.

Should Blackpool get themselves among their opponents from the off and get an early goal, the home side could be comfortably beaten.

The problem for the Seasiders is taking those chances.

Should Blackpool be relegated on Sunday, their attacking play will undoubtedly be to blame, with a mixture of negative tactics and poor finishing at the forefront of the blame list.

But we’ll worry about that after Sunday’s game.

Instead, my call to Blackpool and their players is to at least give it a right good go on Sunday – play a positive, attacking line-up and go for a goal which would pile the pressure on Fleetwood.

If they can do that, you never know, they may just have a chance.

So for now I’ll leave the criticism behind and hold my own little three-day truce.

We can talk about the reasons and the future on Monday morning if Blackpool are relegated.

Until then, come on Blackpool! Prove you’re fit to wear the shirt, prove you want to be here next season.