Will Watt: Have Pool really turned it round?

Blackpool's Jarrett Rivers fires Blackpool into the lead against Port Vale
Blackpool's Jarrett Rivers fires Blackpool into the lead against Port Vale
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It’s fair to say none of us saw three wins in a week coming.

I’m often stopped when out and about in Blackpool and asked about the club, my recent answer has been simple: “It’s a shambles”.

But I have to admit I’m not really sure how to explain the turn in performances on the field, or how long it will last.

But the last three games have been such a breath of fresh air.

Before I get accused of getting carried away here, I’m on about on the field matters, off the field remains a bit of a mess and will take more than a few wins to sort out.

Taking the actual football in isolation, it’s really hard to put your finger on what’s happened and why there’s been such a sudden improvement.

Unlike the win against Scunthorpe which was plain luck, the three wins last week were all well deserved, Chesterfield, Swindon and Port Vale can have little complaints.

Maybe it’s a simple case of a new young squad finally find their feet, or maybe the transfer problems at the club are bizarrely working in their favour.

It’s been well documented Blackpool can’t get anyone to sign for the club, despite trying the Seasiders simply can’t persuade people to join the madness.

In normal circumstances, after a poor start to the season, Pool would have dipped into the loan market and signed two or three players on one-month deals.

They’d have taken two games to get up to speed, and just as they had, would return to their parent club, leaving Neil McDonald having to repeat the process all over again.

At Blackpool so far this season, they’ve got their 20ish man squad and had to stick with it, the players have had to gel, some have swam, some sunk, but maybe it’s actually done them the world of good.

Take Tom Aldred, a lad who will admit himself he had a terrible pre-season at right-back, and had Pool succeeded in bringing in a centre back probably wouldn’t be in the team now.

As it happens, McDonald was forced to stick with him and he’s arguably their best player at the moment.

I have a lot of time for players like Aldred, you can never fault his effort and commitment, he certainly deserves the credit he’s getting at the moment.

As for the future, well who knows if this is a rare Indian summer or if Blackpool really have turned the corner.

The fact remains Pool are in the bottom four of the division and only when they have won eight or nine games will we really be able to sing from the roof-tops about the incredible turn around.

That’s the important thing for Blackpool and McDonald now, this can’t be a rare week of glory followed by a return to the norm.

While many people think tomorrow’s game being postponed is a bad thing, it could be a blessing in disguise, I think.

It will give the Seasiders a bit of a break after a relentless start to the season, both physically and mentally. For the young squad walking into the mess must have been incredibly tough.

In a normal situation the recent turn of form would have Pool fans singing from the roof-tops, but sadly the issues between Karl Oyston and the supporters rumble on.

Today’s back page has seen four of the much talked about Fans Progress Group resign which is a real blow for Oyston if he really felt that was a genuine attempt to build bridges.

If Oyston has no intentions of walking away and is genuinely here to stay and try and sort things, then he should make real gestures to change the problems.

He MUST improve all aspects of the way the club is run, at least try to embrace Blackpool Supporters Trust and also make sure legal action against supporters is something buried in the past.

Sadly I can’t see all of those things happening and most supporters remain with the view point only an Oyston departure will turn the club around.

For now, it’s just nice to have a winning football team to talk about, with any luck it won’t be a one-off.