Will Watt column: Negative? What do you expect?

Bright Samuel has been one of this season's positives
Bright Samuel has been one of this season's positives
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I could start this column with these words each week, but it’s been another interesting one at Bloomfield Road.

Sadly interesting for all the wrong reasons as the club once again fail to give supporters anything positive to talk about.

In last weekend’s match report I asked a question about the whereabouts of chairman Karl Oyston and my surprise he wasn’t at Bramall Lane after being banned for six week.

Well at least now we know where he was, on holiday!

The fact Oyston has chosen to go on a break when the club sit bottom of the League One table a week before the closing of the transfer window with his manager desperate for new signings doesn’t really need comment.

It all speaks for itself.

Yet again the club have accused the media of being negative about them, but what on earth are we supposed to write?

Blackpool are currently rock bottom of the table, yet to win in all competitions, have a squad which even Neil McDonald admits falls short, and a fan base which many want nothing to do with the club.

That said, I’m going to find a positive, in the new contract for Bright Samuel.

The winger isn’t the finished product by any means but he’s certainly shown enough promise to warrant the two-year contract which he’s now signed.

It’s good to see the club got that deal sorted and didn’t allow him to leave like they did with Dom Telford and Mark Waddington this summer.

Both Samuel and Henry Cameron have showed real signs of promise this season and are probably the first two names on the team sheet at the moment.

Real credit goes to Richie Kyle and the rest of the youth team staff who worked so hard on them in the last few years.

Off the field it’s been another interesting one, with Village Hotel’s clear publicity stunt of promising not to renew their sponsorship at the end of the season.

It shows the power of supporter pressure, but there was a couple of elements I’m not particularly comfortable with.

After speaking to the companies chief executive, I learned cars had been scratched in the hotels car park and ‘Oyston Out’ was spray painted on the 15th green on their golf course.

I’d urge Blackpool fans not to resort to vandalism, intimidation or violence. It will not help your cause.

That said, fair play to BST and the Tangerine Knights for their talks with Village, let’s hope in future there’s no need for this sort of action.

On the field it’s been another worrying week, with the total silence around the club’s recruitment.

After revealing two bids had been accepted last weekend, we all expected signings to be announced at the start of the week - sadly they weren’t.

Instead, as I write, Blackpool are going into the weekend’s game with no new faces against a Walsall side who have started the season like a house on fire.

I know McDonald is putting a brave face on things publicly, but there’s no doubt he’ll be starting to worry with just a matter of days before the transfer window closes until the new year.

It was interesting to hear the manager refer to criticism of his squad as disrespectful, but I’m not sure I agree with the team currently bottom of the table.

When the club, team and manager give us something positive to talk about, we will be more than happy to do so.

Personally I’m desperate for a change of fortunes for the Seasiders, the sooner the better.

It will be another tough afternoon at Bloomfield Road, but another chance for Blackpool to finally kick-start their season.

A win would do everyone the world of good - here’s hoping.