Will Watt column: Horror week highlights desperate times

Fans leave Bloomfield Road early during last weekend's game.
Fans leave Bloomfield Road early during last weekend's game.
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If anyone was in any doubt over the seriousness of the position Blackpool are in at present, the last seven days have proved it.

After what can only be described as a horror of a result against Walsall at Bloomfield Road last weekend, everyone inside the stadium knew the Seasiders’ desperation for new faces.

They saw a young and vulnerable team totally short of confidence, and a manager who publicly admitted his team ‘weren’t good enough’ and in need of ‘help’.

And when Pool desperately needed four, five or maybe even six new faces ahead of the closing of the transfer window – nothing came.

Who knows why that is, the communication from inside Bloomfield Road is non-existent and makes for an environment where speculation and gossip become fact, but the head and tail is nothing came in.

Instead Pool are now shopping in the free transfer market, filled with out of contract and out of shape players, something we’ve seen so many times before.

There’s no doubt Blackpool will add a few more in the next week or so, and we’ll likely hear how they’ll need three or four weeks to get up to speed - by then it all could be too late.

In contrast fellow League One side Barnsley went and signed Michael Smith and Simeon Jackson.

At present there’s really nothing to give the depressed fans, media and onlookers hope – the lack of transfer activity felt from the outside as a sign everyone had almost given up.

I’d like to think that isn’t the case, and David Norris will at least add experience.

Anyone who saw him six years ago will remember a top Championship midfielder and someone who, at the time, would have been one heck of a capture.

Signing him at 34 I suppose is an attempt by McDonald to try and at least add a bit of know-how to his squad, and boy how it’s needed.

As for tomorrow’s game, I think this will be the best chance for the Seasiders to get that much needed win they’ve had this season.

Scunthorpe were fancied by many to do well in League One this season and have desperately struggled so far, with talk boss Mark Robins is already under pressure.

So it could be, for the first time this season, the pressure is well and truly off McDonald’s men and an early goal could be worth it’s weight in gold.

Finally, you have to feel a bit for McDonald who has already fallen into the role Lee Clark found so difficult at Bloomfield Road – club spokesman.

With all the nonsense which goes on around the place, and a silent chairman, it’s unfair the manager is the only person flung in front of the media each week to explain it.

Last year we found ourselves asking Clark about a host of things he’s got absolutely nothing to do with, and McDonald is being pushed into that too.

I’m not sure who I’d recommend talks on behalf of the club bosses or the board, but someone needs to take the pressure of the manager by going public, I seem to remember Oyston saying that’s what he liked to do in the past.

Because McDonald is being forced into this, he’s already gaining a lot of criticism from some sections of supporters, mainly for none football reasons.

I’m not sure McDonald’s public backing of the chairman last week was the best PR move in the world, but likewise who can blame him for sticking by his bosses, at the end of the day it’s those people who his employment loyalties lie with.

But all around Bloomfield Road you get the feeling they are lacking someone with a bit of PR experience, and knowledge of dealing with the media, public perception and managing news.

Deadline day was a prime example, in the past I’d have a hotline to Matt Williams who would keep us up to date with what was going on, or more importantly what he wanted us to know.

By doing so he could control the news agenda and get the messages out the club want to, it’s a clever tactic and one I dare say he’s taken with him to Shrewsbury.

Sadly there’s no-one around the club to do that at the moment, even to the preferred partners.

If you look at the coverage the Blackpool Football Club gets at the moment, for all corners of the media, it’s showing!