Will Watt: Cash rich Pool treat fans so poorly

Two young Blackpool fans sum up the mood during Saturday's game
Two young Blackpool fans sum up the mood during Saturday's game
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Around this time last year Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston responded to criticism of the club’s accounts by insisting ‘the money is there for when it’s needed’.

Well, with the club currently 17 points from safety at the bottom of the Championship, surely it’s never been needed more.

The annual accounts, once again, show millions of pounds racked up in profit. It is the fact the club is so solvent which makes its current plight even more perverse.

Blackpool aren’t a Portsmouth or Bradford who tumbled through the leagues due to bankruptcy – it’s the total opposite at Bloomfield Road. The Seasiders have the money. They are a business which, without doubt, is run in a way which brings financial reward. But this season those in charge have blown it big time.

Another one of Oyston’s famous claims was Pool were the ‘envy of the Football League’. At the moment they aren’t even the envy of the Fylde coast. If it wasn’t so depressing it would be laughable.

In normal business the profits are the overall indicator of success. But football isn’t a normal business, and neither is the way football clubs are run.

With ownership of a football club comes a responsibility to supporters, the community and football in general. In the last 12 months Blackpool have failed on almost all of the 
above, with only the club’s excellent community department worth shouting about.

On Saturday Bloomfield Road was dead, lifeless, soulless and half empty. Is this really what any of us expected when Owen Oyston spoke of promotion to the Premier League changing the club forever?

At the moment Lee Clark and his team’s on-field problems are a mere sideshow to the bigger picture. The whole thing really is a mess.

I can guarantee that hardly any of the fans inside of Bloomfield Road will take any comfort from the huge profits detailed in these published accounts.

Blackpool Football Club in the last 18 months has failed, chairman Karl Oyston has failed.

If the club or owners don’t agree in anything I’ve said in this column, don’t sue me, prove me wrong. Prove you still care about the future of BFC. If you can’t then maybe it’s time to give someone else a go.

None of us can take much more of this.