We’re all in the firing line, says Holloway

Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
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IAN Holloway has promised supporters he cares dearly about Blackpool FC and asked them to understand his position over the Oyston money.

The Seasiders boss says he was “slaughtered” after stating he had no problem with the club paying £11m of its Premier League income to owner Owen Oyston.

But Holloway believes it is time to draw a line under the issue and unite to give his Pool team the best possible chance of promotion.

The manager said: “To have any chance of going up we’ve got to make sure we don’t get caught up in any off-the-field stuff, and maybe I do too much.

“I am trying to learn, but it is because I care. I care about all my supporters.

“I care about the job I do. I want it to be right and I want my supporters to know that I care. I thought everybody knew that.

“There has just been so much absolute nonsense lately. I’ve been slaughtered, the club has been slaughtered, the chairman has been slaughtered, his dad has been slaughtered, my players have been slaughtered.

“I just don’t know why. I am asked questions and I answer them. If people take that the wrong way, I didn’t mean it that way.

“Too many football clubs go bust these days. Too many are badly run and ours is fantastically run, however you cut it. That’s my opinion.

“I’m very proud there will be a Blackpool FC for years to come. Whether it is the Blackpool everyone wants and thinks they should have, as shiny and brand new as they might want, who knows?

“But what I’m trying to say to any supporter is just help my team. That’s all I ask. You have been absolutely outstanding ever since I’ve been here.

“But has the trip stopped? It is the best trip I’ve been on but maybe it isn’t any more. I didn’t hear that last week or the week before. Maybe football is that short-term.”