VIDEO: Blackpool v Leicester City - A Foxes fan’s view

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For an insight into tomorrow’s opponents we turned to Gazette reporter and Leicester City fan David Sharman for the inside scoop on the Foxes success.

Before I start, let’s set the record straight - I despise arrogant football fans. My whole life I’ve had to put up with lads my age who follow the trees up the road (that’s Nottingham Forest to you) striding around with undeserved senses of accomplishment because some bloke called Clough made their small provincial club a brief success in an age when their dads were still riding around on Raleigh Choppers.

Ex-Fleetwood Town forward Jamie Vardy (right) has been in great form for the Foxes

Ex-Fleetwood Town forward Jamie Vardy (right) has been in great form for the Foxes

Leicester supporters have always preferred to remain humble, accepting our “yo-yo club” status with good grace since our formation in 1884.

That said, this season we are almost unbeatable and after a decade of hurt outside of the top flight (including relegation to the third tier for the first time in our history), it’s fair to say we’re revelling in it to the point others are getting a bit irked with us.

And in spite of Pool’s mini-revival against Millwall on Tuesday, it’s hard to see anything other than a City win come Saturday. Former Fleetwood favourite Jamie Vardy simply cannot stop scoring, with some half-jokey/half-serious suggestions that he ought to be on Roy’s radar for Rio in the summer.

Meanwhile former Manchester United academy products Danny Drinkwater and Matty James have forged a midfield pairing capable of outsmarting any in the division and, dare I say, some in the division above too.

If you’re making the trip down enjoy your day - and mine’s a pint if you see me in the Swan and Rushes before the game.