Vicki Oyston resigns as director of Blackpool Football Club

Vicki Oyston pictured in 1997
Vicki Oyston pictured in 1997
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Owen Oyston's wife Vicki Oyston has resigned as a director of Blackpool Football Club.

The resignation of the club's former chairwoman follows the sacking of her son Karl last Friday.

Owen Oyston is under pressure to sell Blackpool Football Club

Owen Oyston is under pressure to sell Blackpool Football Club

He was subsequently replaced as chairman by recently-appointed director Natalie Christopher, Owen's daughter from another relationship.

Karl’s son Sam was appointed the club’s chief executive last month.

Papers filed with Companies House show Karl Oyston is no longer listed among the directors of Blackpool Football Club Ltd or Blackpool Football Club (Properties) Ltd, which owns the club's Bloomfield Road stadium.

The club issued the following statement on Friday: "Natalie Christopher has been appointed the new chairwoman of Blackpool Football Club.

"Mr Karl Oyston is no longer Chairman or Director of the club, or any other Oyston Group company.

"The club will make no further comment at this time."

The news of Karl's sacking came just over a week after he left his director role at another 11 Oyston-run businesses.

Asked for a comment by The Gazette this morning, Karl replied "It's snowing."

The changes at Blackpool Football Club Ltd leave Owen Oyston, new chairwoman Natalie Christopher - who was appointed as a director on January 17 - and Kaspars Varpins as directors.

Owen Oyston is now the sole listed director of Blackpool Football Club (Properties) Ltd, according to Companies House.

It follows rumours that Owen and Karl are said to be at loggerheads over the future direction of Blackpool Football Club.

It is understood relations have completely broken down between the two, with Owen wanting to keep control of the club while Karl was reportedly prepared to wash his hands of it.

Owen Oyston returned to the court on Monday to ask for an extension having missed last week's deadline to pay Valeri Belokon his second installment of £10m.

But Justice Smith dismissed his application and instead reviewed the whole staging scheme, which included two lots of £7.5m by 30 March and 31 May.

He said Oyston had failed to progress the sale of assets, which had prejudiced Mr Belokon, and the Court of Appeal had now dismissed his application to overturn the original court judgement from last November.

Owen Oyston was ordered to immediately pay up the £25m or face the consequences of enforcement action being taken to make him sell his assets.

That could potentially mean the football club going into receivership, although Belokon’s legal representative told the judge his client he would not pursue action against the club.