Thommo: It’s just lack of judgement

Pool's players confront the referee against Derby on Saturday
Pool's players confront the referee against Derby on Saturday
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Steve Thompson says Pool’s stars have to show better self control after their fifth red card in two games.

Despite Blackpool’s record this season, Thompson feels his side do not have a disciplinary problem.

‘’I don’t think it’s a lack of discipline,” he said.

‘’It might be in part but it is also down to a lack of judgement.

‘’It comes down top self control. When you are on a yellow card you are walking as tightrope and the last thing you need to do is make a rash tackle.

‘’That’s what’s letting us down at the moment and it has to stop happening.

‘’It can be down to the discretion of the referee too. The linesman gave the penalty for the first red card but Bishop seemed to come out with ball, which suggests he got the ball.

‘’We also didn’t think he was the last man as it was at an angle where were getting players back in position.

‘’The lads are just as frustrated as we are. There weren’t any bad tackles in the game and yet again we have two sent off.

‘’We’ve just got a team that competes very well. If you look at the tackles, they aren’t high or with studs showing or career threatening or anything.’’