Swedish Pool fan’s 1,288-mile trip ... for nothing

Blackpool FC fan Ove Ejemalm has come from Sweden to watch his team play at Bloomfield Road
Blackpool FC fan Ove Ejemalm has come from Sweden to watch his team play at Bloomfield Road
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OVE Ejemalm had it all sorted out.

The Blackpool FC-mad Swede had saved up to fly over and see his beloved football team in action.

Ove was thrilled to bits about the prospect of watching his second Seasiders match in the flesh – his first visit to Bloomfield Road was 28 years ago, in 1984.

The plane tickets for the 1,288-mile round-trip were booked, his hotel room paid for... and then came a spot of bad news.

Blackpool’s game with Huddersfield, scheduled for Saturday, was switched to Monday for live TV.

Ove, who landed at Manchester Airport on Friday with his friend Jon Erlingsson, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I found out – I think I’m jinxed.

“I’d been looking forward to this trip for ages.

“In the summer I sat down with a fixture list with my friend Jon – who is a huge Manchester City fan – and we carefully worked out this was the best weekend to come. Blackpool were playing on the Saturday, City were at home the next night.

“But just after we’d paid for it all, I went on the internet and found Blackpool’s match had been switched. I almost choked on my dinner. I couldn’t believe it.

“Just as they were kicking off I was boarding a plane back to Sweden.”

It is some consolation that Ove is staying at the new Blackpool FC hotel – built in the south stand at Bloomfield Road, overlooking the pitch.

Mind you, even then he has not had the best of luck.

He said: “We found out a few days ago Ian Holloway is living in the hotel at the moment.

“I thought ‘this is it – I can meet him and get my picture taken with him’. I was so excited.

“Then we discovered he was back to his family home in Bath for the weekend. We didn’t really have much luck in Blackpool.”

Ove did get to have a tour of the stadium.

He added: “We had a look around the dressing rooms and had a walk on the pitch. That was very special.

“I can’t wait to tell my wife and kids when I get back, though I’m not sure they’ll be interested.

“They just think I’m mad.”