Supporters split over Oyston talks

A fan during a protest outside of Bloomfield Road
A fan during a protest outside of Bloomfield Road
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The question of whether to hold talks with chairman Karl Oyston appears to have divided Blackpool fans.

An apparent olive branch has been offered to various supporter groups following almost 18 months of disputes over the running of the club.

Via the new Fans Progress Group, Oyston has agreed to hold talks with a representative of four other supporters’ organisations at a Bloomfield Road meeting on March 10.

Pool’s biggest fan group, Blackpool Supporters’ Trust, yesterday told The Gazette that a members’ vote would determine whether they attended, and that further clarification was required from the club first.

The Gazette conducted its own poll yesterday, which showed just how split the supporters are. From more than 600 votes cast, 53 per cent felt BST should attend.

The topic has sparked a huge debate among Pool’s fans, with many turning to The Gazette’s website to have their say.

‘Morty-fied’ posted: “I believe BST must go. They lose nothing if they do.

“I don’t believe anyone other than the die-hards will buy season tickets next season unless actions, rather than words, are seen in the form of investment in both the training ground and players, as well as real communication with the fans.

Another comment we received stated the club’s offer should be rejected: “It is too late. The damage done over the last few years cannot simply be forgotten.

“The removal of the Morty statue, lack of investment during the Premier League season, lack of investment since and then last season. In all seriousness, how can anyone deal with these people?”