"Start of new future" for Blackpool FC

Valeri Belokon
Valeri Belokon

Is this the start of a new future for Blackpool Football Club?

That is the hope of those who reacted with jubilation to the news that the Oyston family have been ordered to pay an eye-watering bill of £31.27m to Valeri Belokon.
The 50 or so Blackpool fans who were inside the Rolls Building in London cheered as the judgement was read out and many now hope this astonishing court verdict will force regime change at their beloved club.
One person who was there was Blackpool Supporters’ Trust chairman Christine Seddon, who says she can’t envisage a scenario where the Oystons keep control.
“It’s a momentous day for the football club,” she told The Gazette. “We need to keep calm but I really think this is the start of our new future.
“Where do we go from here? Well their assets have been frozen, so what are they going to do now? I really feel this has got to be it.
“I can’t realistically foresee any way they can keep hold of the football club.
“I can foresee some bombastic comments but now they have to find that staggering amount of money to hold on to a football club that is haemorrhaging money on a weekly basis and will continue to do so until they’ve gone.
“So what have they got to hang around for now?
“I feel hopeful that this has got to be the trigger now and they are on their way out of the door.”