Stadium bans lifted as Blackpool FC releases statement welcoming new board

Bloomfield Road
Bloomfield Road
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In a statement welcoming the new board, Blackpool Football Club has confirmed all supporters who were subject to stadium bans under the Oystons will now be allowed to return.

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The club has praised the appointments of Ben Hatton, Ian Currie, Michael Bolingbroke and Tim Fielding as an "exciting development", going on to cite the need for unity among the fanbase.

It has also been confirmed those supporters who were banned from entering Bloomfield Road under the Oyston regime will now be able to freely return, other than those fans who are subject to FA banning orders.

The statement reads: "Blackpool Football Club is delighted to officially welcome Ben Hatton (executive and managing Director), Ian Currie (non-executive director) and Tim Fielding (non-executive director carrying out an observational role) to its new board.

"The trio, alongside Michael Bolingbroke, who will act as a consultant to the board, have been appointed by court appointed aeceiver Paul Cooper in a major change to the structure and day-to-day operations at Bloomfield Road.

"These appointments are an exciting development and emphasise why everybody must now come together for the benefit of the club, town and community.

"With immediate effect, all club stadium bans under the previous management have been revoked, allowing all supporters, bar those subject to FA banning orders, to return to Bloomfield Road and support the team.

"A further announcement relating to the purchasing of tickets for the club’s next home match against Southend United, as well as the availability of six-match season tickets, will be made in the coming days.

"Up The Mighty Pool!"