Snub of Holloway no laughing matter

Blackpool's Alex Baptiste
Blackpool's Alex Baptiste
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ALEX Baptiste says it is an “absolute joke” that Ian Holloway isn’t being linked with the top jobs in football.

While the Blackpool defender doesn’t want the manager to go, he thinks the lack of speculation regarding Pool’s boss sums up what little recognition the club has received for its achievements over the last three seasons.

Baptiste said: “If people get touted for jobs and Ian Holloway doesn’t, it is a joke.

“People don’t realise what our manager has done.

“Given how we played at Wembley, how the manager doesn’t get mentioned with Liverpool and other clubs I just don’t know.

“I don’t want Blackpool fans to think I am touting him for other jobs but I am just so frustrated. I mean, all the other managers get mentioned but ours doesn’t.

“What do people see? They see the media side of him that people go on about, the funny clips. But the tactician and the brain, and the way we play football ... he has got us playing some brilliant stuff.

“We were favourites for relegation two years ago. We got promoted. Then we got 39 points in the Premier League. And the way we are playing now ... we just battered West Ham at the weekend.

“I just think he has done so well, and from our point of view it is massively important that we keep him. I hope the chairman does all he can to keep him because he is an unbelievable manager. I wouldn’t want to play for anyone else.

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“I just wish he’d get the credit he should, and it is the same for players at this club. None of us get the credit we deserve as individuals.

“All these London people got what they wanted at Wembley.

“They got another London club in the Premier League.

“Some people in football seem to think they are better than anyone else, but they are not because we just pumped them on the day.”

Almost a week on, Baptiste still can’t help but be bitter about the Wembley defeat.

Put simply, he feels the better team lost – a team which plays the game in the right way.

“This is worse than last year, worse than getting relegated from the Premier League by miles, because we didn’t deserve to get beaten on Saturday,” said the 26-year-old.

“I think if we had played any other side than West Ham we would have won.

“They were always the team I feared because they are miles better than Reading or Southampton, and they shouldn’t have been in the play-offs with the squad they’ve got.

“It is going to be very hard to get over this and I am just going to forget about football for a long time.

“I feel sick of this game. It is doing my head in how people can get away with things, how people can earn so much money when they play half the football we do.

“How we lost to West Ham at Wembley I don’t know.

“We didn’t take our chances. Fair enough, I accept that ... but I know which team I’d rather play for.”

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