Slocombe happy to be booked in reading extravaganza

Sam Slocombe
Sam Slocombe
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Blackpool FC Community Trust joined in World Book Day fun to promote reading.

The trust supports this goal through its Reading The Game programme to increase schoolchildren’s enjoyment of and confidence in reading and writing.

Jack Shields, who delivers Reading The Game, visited Blackpool’s Unity Academy and said: “World Book Day is a fantastic opportunity to get students reading their favourite books.

Blackpool FC Community Trust delivers Reading The Game across numerous schools in Blackpool and we want more students to not only read more but to enjoy it too.”

Reading The Game is delivered across an initial six-week period to specifically targeted disengaged pupils.

Blackpool FC players Sam Slocombe and Luke Higham were also supporting World Book Day with Blackpool FC Community Trust.

Keeper Slocombe said: “It’s important children continue to read books and World Book Day is a fantastic opportunity to promote this.”

For more information on Reading The Game, call 01253 348691 or visit