Sinclair brands Blackpool a ‘laughing stock’

Trevor Sinclair
Trevor Sinclair
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Blackpool hero Trevor Sinclair is the latest to speak out after the club’s relegation, labelling the Seasiders a ‘laughing stock.’

The former England international is a popular figure on the Fylde coast after starting his career at Bloomfield Road in 1989 before going onto make more than 100 appearances.

He went onto play more than 500 professional games including 12 for England before retiring to the Fylde coast with his family.

And he now considers himself a Blackpool fan.

“I live on the Fylde coast among the fans and to be quite honest this season has been a laughing stock, the club has been a laughing stock,” he said.

“At the start of the season there was no recruitment going on, and people from within the club came out and said that it all broke down with Jose Riga, who was the manager then.

“That’s no excuse.”

A number of former players have spoken out about Blackpool with many pointing to a lack of Premier League legacy.

And Sinclair was quick to add to the criticism.

He said: “The investment in players has been poor. The facilities are nothing short of a disgrace.

“I was at the club 30-years- ago and we had temporary buildings and it is still exactly the same as it was then.

“People talk about a legacy of being in the Premier League, surely something should have been put in place by now?

“For the club, for the future, to bring players through and to attract better players.

“That is not going to happen with the training facilities they have.”