Simon Sadler's company Segantii provides funding for 'ground-breaking' programme

Simon Sadler's company has provided 50,000 in funding for a new Community Trust programme
Simon Sadler's company has provided 50,000 in funding for a new Community Trust programme
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Simon Sadler’s company Segantii Capital has provided funding for Blackpool FC’s Community Trust to launch a project that will help the town’s youngsters at a crucial point in their development.

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Segantii has pledged £50,000 to the Trust’s new programme ‘Unstoppable’, which will focus on educating year six pupils about hard-hitting topics such as mental health, knife crime, family dynamics and the transition to High School.

Every school in Blackpool will be offered the programme, which lasts for a six-week period, free of charge.

Sadler, who is chief investment officer of Segantii, said: “Segantii is very pleased to support Blackpool FC Community Trust in this important initiative to help the young people of Blackpool.

“I would like to thank Ashley Hackett (CEO of the Trust) and his team for putting this together and the participating schools for their commitment to the programme.”

Hackett added: “This is a very important and ground-breaking programme that our team have developed and we thank Simon and Segantii for their unbelievable support.

“As soon as I discussed the programme with Simon he was fully committed to helping with putting this in place.

“We piloted the programme in Westminster Primary Academy last academic year and the impact it had was tremendous and we knew straight away we had to find a way to get this provision to as many children in Blackpool as possible.

“The programme will now be offered to every child, in year six in every Blackpool school.”

The programme has been developed using bestselling author Dan Freedman’s new book.

Using the book, Blackpool children will read up to certain points each week and then be led through a classroom session by the Trust.

The children will then get to keep the book and workbooks they develop through their involvement, to refer back to when they are challenged in their daily lives.

The book’s author said: “I spend a lot of time working with schools and that leap to Secondary is such a huge one at a pivotal time in a young person’s life.

“How they adapt and develop at that point can have a huge impact on the rest of their lives and also on the wider community.

“I wrote Unstoppable in the hope that, as well as being a compelling story, it might offer a platform for young people to talk about their feelings and their challenges, so I’m absolutely delighted that the Blackpool FC Community Trust are taking the book and running with it in this way.

“Every time I have met and worked with the Trust I have been blown away by their dedication and professionalism.

“That’s why I’m sure the Unstoppable project is going to be truly ground-breaking.

“It’s incredible what a community team like this – with the wonderful support of Simon Sadler and Segantii - are able to do for the area and its effect will be felt for years to come.”

The provision will start in November 2019 and take place throughout the school year.