Simon Sadler reveals Blackpool are on the verge of signing 'exciting' new winger

Sadler says Blackpool are due to sign an 'exciting' new winger
Sadler says Blackpool are due to sign an 'exciting' new winger
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Blackpool are closing in on the signing of an "exciting" new winger according to new owner Simon Sadler.

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It was revealed at last night's fans' forum, where Sadler was quizzed about the club's transfer plans now he has taken control.

It's understood the signing is expected to be revealed this afternoon.

Sadler said: "I've just had a meeting with Terry (McPhillips) and we agreed we're probably short of three or four players now.

"We hopefully made a signing today. I can’t reveal who it is, but I think it's quite an exciting player, the like we’ve not seen in a while.

"I think he’s a really great player and within the traditions of former Blackpool players.

"When I think of Blackpool I think of wingers like Stanley Matthews, Trevor Sinclair and David Eyres. Wingers have always been important for Blackpool, so yes it’s a winger."

When asked if Blackpool will now be more ambitious with their approach to recruitment, Sadler replied: “Yes, we will. In fact with the signing we’ve made, we already have done.

“But what you’ve got to remember is that there’s only so much money and millions need to be spent on the stadium and training ground.

“You will see improvements on the pitch but I don’t think you can expect £2/3m signings.

“We’re already making incremental improvements in the squad. Just last week we missed out on a player who would have made you think ‘wow’ had we signed him.

“We are building for the long term. Sure, some people would want me to spend a lot of money to get us out of L1 this season, but I don’t think that’s the right thing for the future of the club.”

Sadler also revealed a new assistant manager should also be announced this week.