Shrewsbury hopeful Blackpool game will be on despite snow

Shrewsbury's New Meadow stadium
Shrewsbury's New Meadow stadium
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Shrewsbury Town say they are "hopeful" Saturday's game against Blackpool will go ahead despite the recent snow.

The New Meadow pitch has been covered with snow since Friday and, at its height, the snow has reached 10 inches in places.

It has caused a few headaches for the club's ground staff.

“It’s white,” joked groundsman Dave Saltman.

“It’s still got some snow on there now but certainly a good deal of it has melted over the last 24 hours and I think it will naturally clear itself now. But the weather could change, so we’ve got one eye on the weather constantly.

“The stadium pitch is fine under the snow. We didn’t cover it because the snow came last Friday morning and we were all down at the training ground trying to get some area available for the lads to train, but there was no need to cover the pitch and the snow’s been a good insulator anyway.

“What we may end up with now is the snow disappearing from the stadium pitch over the next 24 to 36 hours and then Friday night’s expected to be quite cold, so we will probably put the covers out Friday night just to project the pitch going into Saturday.”