Seasiders’ skipper: We want to see the fans back

Blackpool skipper Jimmy Ryan hopes the clubs fans will return sooner rather than later

Blackpool skipper Jimmy Ryan says it would be “lovely” to play in front of a packed crowd at Bloomfield Road.

His comments come in the week the club’s owners, the Oyston family, were ordered to buy out Valeri Belokon’s shares for £31.27m – before yesterday’s announcement that the club had been put up for sale.

Regime change would inevitably lead to thousands of disillusioned Blackpool fans flooding back to Bloomfield Road to end years of boycotting and Ryan admits that would be a welcome sight.

“There’s nothing better than eight, ten, maybe even 12,000 fans cheering you on because it always gives you that boost,” Ryan said.

“It would be lovely for that to happen again but we know there’s stuff going on that’s out of our hands.

“We’ve been here a short period compared to the fans and owners so it’s not really down to us. We’re just here to play football.”

When asked if the players have had any conversations about the court judgement, Ryan said: “To be honest, no we haven’t. You probably think I’m lying but as players our main focus is playing.

“We come in here to train and if you go in the changing room now you won’t hear what’s going on upstairs or within the club.

“We know there is stuff going on but in all honesty we don’t understand it, so as long as we’re doing our part on the football field then that’s all we can do.

“It’s stuff we can’t affect.”

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