Seasiders and Rovers fans stand together

Seasiders fans will protest along with their Blackburn Rovers counterparts
Seasiders fans will protest along with their Blackburn Rovers counterparts
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“These are our clubs and we want them back.”

That is the message from organisers of today’s joint protest by disenfranchised Blackpool and Blackburn Rovers supporters.

The rival fans will come together and stand shoulder-to-shoulder to protest against the running of their respective clubs while boycotting the FA Cup fourth round clash at Ewood Park.

A spokesperson for the Blackpool Supporters’ Trust said: “A ‘more out than in’ protest against the unacceptable running of both clubs will send a powerful message to the football authorities that fans are being disenfranchised and changes in the governance of the game are long overdue.

“Without the fans there would be no football. These are our clubs and we want them back.”

Protesters will congregate at the Brown Cow pub before marching down to the Jack Walker statue outside the ground.

Blackpool fans will be joined by members of the Blackburn Rovers Action Group, who believe feelings of “anguish” and “fear” among fans of the two clubs are identical.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We call on all supporters, including those currently boycotting Ewood Park to join us and stand in solidarity with the supporters of Blackpool against the destruction of two historic Lancashire football clubs.

“Football supporters have been the lifeblood at clubs up and down the country for generations, ensuring that clubs continue to remain at the epicentre of its local community.

“Supporters remain a constant, whilst owners can pick it up and drop it as they see fit.

“Two football clubs destroyed by incompetent and disinterested owners, leaving supporters disengaged with the very thing they have devoted parts of the lives to.

“Supporters of both these clubs, together with other clubs across the country have been in dialogue for some time regarding co-ordinated protest plans against the football authorities and their lack of will to ensure that supporters remain a part of football.

“We ask supporters to remain outside in demonstration as the match kicks off, a heart-wrenching sacrifice, yet a powerful message to the powers that be that football supporters have had enough.”