Scots win training session

Lomana 'Mc'LuaLua
Lomana 'Mc'LuaLua
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A LACK of central heating ensured Scotland won their first tournament in years...even if they did get some help from a Congolese bloke.

Describing how Pool prepared for today’s Championship showdown with Portsmouth, boss Ian Holloway said: “There was no heating at the training ground. The water froze and the boiler bust.

“It was that cold that we decided to make training ultra-competitive to keep them warm.

“So we had three teams, two of them playing one another and the other doing a bit of shooting and positional stuff.

“We had them split into Scots, English and the rest of the world... the Scots were amazed they’d actually qualified for a competition! We wound Barry Ferguson up with that one.

“But to be fair they actually won it and Lomana LuaLua is now McLuaLua because they were one short.

“My goalie coach George Wood said ‘we’re having him’ and I didn’t want to argue with George because he is pretty patriotic.

“Unfortunately England came last. The rest of the world were second and Scotland won.

“But I don’t mind that too much - I’m three parts Scottish in my ancestry!”