Riga: We can’t keep hoping for miracles

Jose Riga
Jose Riga
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Jose Riga said he can’t keep hoping for miracles and once again begged for additions to his struggling squad.

Blackpool’s 3-1 defeat against Norwich on Saturday sent them crashing to the bottom of the Championship table.

Riga’s men are yet to win a game this season and despite assurances from Karl Oyston the manager would be backed with new signings, none have yet arrived.

And the manager said the Seasiders can’t keep hoping for divine intervention.

“I hope for miracles and sometimes we get close to one,” he said.

“We can hope for a miracle sometimes, but not every week.

“It’s my responsibility as a manager to tell the truth and I’ve been doing this since I arrived here.

“Nothing really has changed, we still need help and it’s a big frustration.

“I know the players are giving everything and what they want to achieve, but all that matters is the result.

“I just want to improve.”

Blackpool were forced to play a number of players out of position on Saturday after an injury crisis left them woefully short in defence.

And Riga compared his job at Blackpool to that of a builder, saying: “When you build a house you don’t use all the same material.

“When you build it you hope it looks how you like, but you need different types of things to build it.

“At the end of the day we miss something, in defence, midfield and attack.

“It’s not even just down to the quality of the players, sometimes it can come down to experience.

“We need some different profile of players than what we have, I’m still hoping and I hope every week we will get a result.”

Riga’s views on Blackpool’s squad have been well publicised since arriving in June, with the Belgian even going so far as saying it will be ‘very difficult’ for the current side to stay up.

And the Belgian insists he saw the current problems coming.

“I’ve been a manager a long time and my experience in England at Charlton may have been short, but it was big,” he said.

“The situation we were in during those 16 games taught me a lot about this division.

“Before the start of the season I knew what we need and knew exactly what I wanted to do and the quality I want to bring in.

“It’s frustrating as you watch the opponents we face and the quality we have.”

As for movement in the transfer market, the manager’s response was simple.

He said: “At the moment there’s nothing.

“I can’t add any more on that at the moment, there’s no news on signings.”