Riga slams ‘stupid’ Ranger tweet

Nile Ranger
Nile Ranger
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Jose Riga has described striker Nile Ranger as stupid after a pre-match Twitter outburst.

The striker swore on the social network in an apparent response to being left out of the squad for Tuesday’s drew at Middlesbrough.

And when asked about the incident during the press conference for tomorrow’s clash against Cardiff, Riga didn’t pull any punches.

“Is it a big surprise with Nile Ranger? No,” said the manager.

“There are rules in the club and as the manager I decide who is part of the 18 man squad and who isn’t.

“Nile knew exactly why he wasn’t in the squad as I explained it to him, they all know.

“He’s stupidly used this way to speak about his problem, and it’s his problem.

“He knew exactly what I thought before the game and he knows exactly what I thought after he did that.

“He can give me all the explanation, but it’s about him now.”

Despite his clear anger, Ranger is expected to return to the squad tomorrow.

Riga added: “I’ve spoken to him and for him Blackpool is his last opportunity.

“If he misses this opportunity it will be more his problem than mine.

“This won’t change my thoughts for tomorrow’s game though, we’ve spoken about the issue and resolved it.”