Riga opens his heart to Pool fans

Jose Riga
Jose Riga
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Blackpool Supporters Trust held an hour-long meeting with Jose Riga and learned he was proud of his time at the club but despaired that he wasn’t given more support from chairman Karl Oyston.

The BST representatives invited to London this week to speak with the former Pool manager had intended to ask Riga a list of questions submitted by fans, but he opted for a more informal chat.

Steve Rowland, BST’s press officer, said: “Jose was very sincere in his appreciation and clearly disappointed that things didn’t turn out as he wanted. He recognised that fans work hard all week and look forward to enjoying watching their team play.

“He wanted to build something the fans would be proud to support. He always tried to do the job to the best of his abilities and the fans’ support kept him going during many difficult days.”

Despite hopes that a full transcript of the meeting would be produced, Riga requested that only an overview was issued to supporters.

And in a summary released to The Gazette last night, BST outlined the manager’s views on the recruitment issues.

It said: “He didn’t know why Karl Oyston’s attitude changed so early in his tenure. He wasn’t happy with the lack of communication from the chairman.

“He stressed he had never encountered such issues at any other football club he had worked at.

“While his disappointment and frustration were obvious, Jose said it is important for everyone – himself included – to draw a line and move on.

“He wishes every success to the Blackpool team. He hopes the new manager does well and that the team succeeds for the fans, for whom he will always have the utmost respect.”