Replay ruled out but Pool remain under investigation

Blackpool fans stage a protest during Saturday's game against Huddersfield
Blackpool fans stage a protest during Saturday's game against Huddersfield
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Blackpool are under yet another Football Association investigation after Saturday’s abandoned clash with Huddersfield, although no replay will be forced by the Football League.

While the decision on a result won’t be made for another ten days, the FA have started a further investigation which could see financial or even point deduction penalties imposed on the club.

The decision will be made by a disciplinary panel and is expected to take weeks rather than days.

Chairman Karl Oyston is already on the radar of the FA after being charged with five counts of misconduct over a text conversation with a fan.

He denied the charge and is awaiting the result an independent panel.

As for Blackpool’s game against Huddersfield, both sides are still waiting for news about the result.

The Football League last night announced a replay wouldn’t be required, and a decision on the match result will be made at their

Their statement read: “Having considered all of the relevant matters, it was felt that that asking the two clubs to play the match again would serve no justifiable purpose given the nature of Saturday’s events and seeing as its result has no bearing on promotion or relegation issues.

“The Board of The Football League will consider the result of the match, and any other matters relating to it that are within its remit, at its next meeting on May 14. In doing so, it will take into the account the observations of both clubs.

“Any matters relating to crowd behaviour will be considered by the Football Association.”