Redshaw’s recovery will take time

Jack Redshaw will not be rushed back from injury
Jack Redshaw will not be rushed back from injury
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Blackpool boss Gary Bowyer says striker Jack Redshaw’s recovery from his painful shin injuries will be a slow process.

The 25-year-old struggled with shin splints last term and is yet to feature after a recurrence of shin troubles.

Bowyer refuses to let the forward play in pain and says the club is not putting a time limit on how long it will take him to get back in action as they try to help him shake off the problems.

But the Blackpool boss was pleased to say that Redshaw has got a smile back on his face as the Seasiders prepare to face Yeovil at Huish Park today.

He said: “Jack is alright. He is doing OK; it is just a slow process for him.

“We have just got to go really steady with him. There is no time limit set for him and he is doing alright.

“He is making a good start to it so he is keeping himself fit, he is busy around the place and he has got a smile back on his face so he is going alright.

“It is something to do with his shin, terminology I am probably not the best one to ask on that.

“But it has been an ongoing problem for him for a while now and the poor lad was trying to play in pain.

“Now we have complete rest and it is something that I have experienced with a player previously and you do have to be very basic with them, shut them down and let nature take its course, so to speak.”

‘Pool’s new arrival, keeper Dean Lyness is determined to get the opportunity to prove himself after a summer of uncertainty.

Lyness made nine appearances for the Seasiders last term in two loan spells from Burton Albion.

After Albion progressed to the Championship, the 25-year-old was released but he is glad to be back.

He said: “It wasn’t easy. It has been the first time I have been in that position where I’ve not sort of known what is happening throughout the pre-season campaign but that is part of being a footballer.

“You find yourself in that position sometimes and you just have to try and keep your head down sometimes and believe that something is going to come up and, when it does, be ready to take that opportunity.

“It is my third spell at the club in less than a year so it’s good to get everything done and dusted and be back.

“I got a phonecall early on Thursday. I was without a club which wasn’t an ideal summer for me but I’ve tried to get my head down and keep going and when I got the phonecall I was delighted to come back.

“I enjoyed being here last season when I was here and getting some games; it was not ideal that the club found themselves relegated at the end of the season but that is gone now and we are here to look forward to the rest of this season.

“I don’t any player wants to be second choice wherever you play but being a goalkeeper you have only got one position and I know it is a bit of a cliche but you have to make sure you are ready and that is what I will do my best to be if required I will be ready to play.”