Pool won’t throw millions at Fowler

Blackpool FC target Robbie Fowler.
Blackpool FC target Robbie Fowler.
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IAN Holloway has revealed Pool are not prepared to break the bank for Robbie Fowler.

£11m of the Premier League money may have gone to Owen Oyston but a tight wage structure for players remains in place.

And keen as the boss is to sign former Liverpool hitman Fowler, he knows the powers-that-be aren’t prepared to splash out huge sums.

Holloway said: “If Robbie comes, it has to be on the right financial package for Blackpool. It has to suit the club.

“I don’t know what finances he wants or is used to. I am just going to put him together with my guru (Karl) and hope they can reach an agreement. I won’t buckle and the chairman won’t either. We’ve got to make sure Rob comes on our terms,

“We’re not here to bankrupt ourselves, to pocket money or to be clever – we are here to get our lads working their socks off for this wonderful club, where the fans are singing and happy.

“We want to get back into a wonderful division, the promised land of the Premier League. Will we do it? I don’t know. Are we having a go at it? Yes we are. Am I enjoying it? Yes I am. And have we got a good team and a strong squad? I would suggest yes.”

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Holloway remains hopeful Fowler will sign, probably on a pay-as-you-play basis, with a further lump sum if Pool were to get promoted.

But he is worried about the move falling through, especially given all the publicity about it since news broke that the striker was training with the club.

The boss added: “I think it was Gary Taylor-Fletcher who put something about it on Twitter and I’d have preferred it if he hadn’t.

“It’s how all this Fowler stuff has come out. It means everybody I’ve bumped into for the last few days has been saying, ‘Oh, I see you are going to get Fowler’.

“I don’t like that because nothing is set in stone yet and we might end up with Arthur Fowler instead!

“You shouldn’t build up anybody’s hopes, but I hope we can do it because how good would it be?

“I think I could have popped him on against Hull on Friday night and he might have got something. One of those chances might have fallen to him, and with his left foot anything might have happened.

“I am quite excited about it. Robbie Fowler and Blackpool in the same sentence – how far have we come?

“But it isn’t done yet and we need to keep our feet on the ground about it all until the lad actually signs.”

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