Pool supporters club elect new chairman

Steve Rowland with former chairman Tim Fielding
Steve Rowland with former chairman Tim Fielding
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Following news last week Blackpool Supporters Trust chairman Tim Fielding had stepped-down, former press officer STEVE ROWLAND has been elected as his replacement. Here he writes for The Gazette to give fans an update.

“You will have read that Tim Fielding has resigned as chairman and from the committee of BST and I have been elected to replace him.

The loss of Tim is regrettable, but BST is a collective, stronger than any individual, and we will not be deflected from our goals. Like the mythical Hydra, cut off the head of the snake and two more grow in its place.

I am joined by a new vice-chairman, Peter Farrow, and a spokeswoman, Christine Seddon, as we look to drive forward over the coming busy months.

Despite Karl Oyston’s hollow claims, Blackpool FC is anything but “the envy of the Football League”. We are in a parlous state, a club in danger of terminal decline from the heady days of 2010-11 - talk about a legacy squandered!

As a life-long Seasider, I well understand the fans’ dissatisfaction with nearly every aspect of the current regime: lack of ambition, lack of investment, lack of continuity, a ‘makeshift’ team, a terrible pitch, sub-standard training facilities, wasted youth opportunities, poor provision for disabled supporters – the list goes on and on.

BST is committed to reversing that trend, to put football first, to restore this proud club to the position it merits in the community, in the eyes of the football world and in the league. Let’s get some pride and joy back. That requires a significant, maybe a seismic, change in how the club is run. My appeal to all Blackpool fans is to channel your passion and frustration and put it behind an organisation that is looking to give hope for the future. Take five minutes to check out our goals at www.blackpoolsupporterstrust.org and then become part of the force for radical change. Join the Trust. Together we can make the difference .

Our next General Meeting – open to all Trust members – will be held at the No.1 Club on Saturday 31st January before the Brighton game. Come and make your voice heard.

For those of you who may wish to contribute towards the legal costs of Blackpool fans being sued by the club’s owners, an independent, BST-endorsed PayPal account has been set up at: justice4fans@outlook.com

Finally, now that Tim Fielding no longer holds any formal position within BST, the Trust awaits a full response from Owen Oyston to our New Year open letter to the owners.”