Pool serve up an epic victory

Stephen Crainey celebrates at the final whistle.
Stephen Crainey celebrates at the final whistle.
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NOVAK Djokovic and Rafael Nadal got the credit for the Seasiders’ last-gasp win over Coventry City.

The pair, who fought out a near six-hour Australian Open final epic, are Pool’s role models when it comes to determination and a desire to get a result.

Or at least that is what tennis-loving Ian Holloway reckons.

The boss reckoned last night’s fightback was down to attitude.


Holloway said: “We knew we weren’t playing well and things weren’t working for us, but we keep going and pin teams back, and the will to win we have is fantastic.

“On Sunday I saw the best tennis match I have ever seen. Neither Nadal or Djokovic deserved to lose. The will they showed to play like that was something else and that is what our lads have been talking about.

“You have to have that desire. You can’t ever give up. You have to believe you can come back and that is what our lads do.

“The belief is coming and the stronger this group gets, then hopefully the better we can do.”

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Mind you, the manager could do without too many more nervous endings. He added: “You could say this habit of scoring late is a nice one but I don’t think it is doing my health or my brain any good.

“Coventry won’t get the respect they are due because they are bottom of the league but they do play some good stuff. I felt they kept their shape well and their defence was excellent.

“We just kept running into a brick wall and it looked like it would be one of those nights.

“But we kept going and in the end it was a relief and a fantastic result. Whether we deserved it I’m not sure. I certainly feared the worse when we went behind on the hour.

“It was a bit of a soft goal but they did well. They moved the ball, it bobbled for them and the lad has just rolled it in the corner.

“I’ve had teams that have rolled over and let a second one in. We didn’t really look like doing that. But did we really look like we were going to score? Not until the end.

“We are getting in a really good habit. It is better than letting late goals in that cost us, like we did last year. Mind you if that happens every game I’ll be even more bald than I am now.

“But I will be a happy man if we keep believing and keep going. That was a terrific win.”

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