Pool’s £79,750 spend signals Oyston agents climb-down

Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston, right, with Fleetwood's Andy Pilley
Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston, right, with Fleetwood's Andy Pilley
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Karl Oyston’s battle with agents appears to have ended with the news Blackpool paid £79,750 in fees last season.

The Seasiders chairman has been quoted in the past as being ‘horrified’ at the size of payments to agents, claiming the money should stay in the game.

In 2013 Pool were the only team in the Championship not to pay a penny in fees, with just £10,000 spent in 2014.

But the 2015 figure see’s Blackpool the eighth biggest spenders in League One to agents, paying out £79,750, indicating a climb-down from the club’s under-fire chairman.

The signings of Jack Redshaw, Brad Potts and Mark Cullen are all understood to have included payments to agents.

A total of £3,167,964 was spent by League One clubs in the last season, most of which being paid by Wigan who shelled out £1,467,088.

Andy Pilley’s Fleetwood were 14th in the League One table of agent spending, paying out £57,988.

Much is made about the amount spent on agents in English football, with a staggering £129.86m in the Premier League alone - up £15m from last year.

Liverpool spent more than £14m, Manchester United’s fees nearly doubled to just under £14m while Arsenal’s almost tripled to around £12m.

Cardiff City were the biggest spenders in the Championship at £2,828,133, with the total outlay by Championship clubs amounting to £26,124,044.

League Two’s biggest spenders were Portsmouth, who spent £268,175.

League One side Bury, and League Two duo Accrington and Hartlepool did not pay any money in agents’ fees.

The Premier League and Football League totals were calculated in the period from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015.