Pool moved on from Yeovil nightmare

Barry Ferguson
Barry Ferguson
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Barry Ferguson feels Blackpool have moved on from the discipline disaster last time they faced Yeovil, but insists there was never a major problem.

When Blackpool faced tomorrow’s opponents Yeovil back in December they were fourth in the league and in fine form.

But after seeing three players sent off in injury time things have taken a turn for the worse, only winning two games since.

And Pool’s boss, who played that evening, insists it’s something which won’t happen again.

“We had three people sent off which didn’t look good,” he said.

“But that won’t happen this time.”

Ferguson was quick to defend his former team mates, claiming there’s no problem with discipline at the club.

And he hasn’t a problem with any of his squad being sent off in a game, as long as it’s with the correct intentions.

He explained: “I like my players going at it 100%, but they have to be disciplined as well.

“Sending offs happen in football, I’ve been sent off a right few times myself so I can’t grumble.

“As long as it’s going in for a hard challenge then I can’t moan.

“If it’s reckless when you’re already on a booking, then I won’t be happy.

“But I want a team that’s fully committed as well, I want them flying into tackles.

“I’ve been at clubs when things happen and red cards come, it doesn’t concern me and I’ve not had a problem since I’ve took over.

“But it’s important you keep as many players on the pitch as possible.”

The defeat at Yeovil was the start of a run which eventually saw Paul Ince sacked in January and go three months without a win.

But Ferguson thinks there has been real signs of progress in recent weeks.

“Since the win against Millwall the confidence has really grown,” he said.

“The players are playing with a bit of freedom now, which is good for them.”