Pool fans react to Riga’s exit

Fans during a recent protest against Karl Oyston
Fans during a recent protest against Karl Oyston
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Blackpool’s fans reacted angrily to Jose Riga’s sacking this evening, saying a change doesn’t solve the problem.

Social media was flooded with response to the Belgian’s departure after just 15 games in charge at Bloomfield Road with many pointing the finger at chairman Karl Oyston.

And Glenn Bowley, chairman of Blackpool’s Supporters Association said there needs to be much more than just a change of manager.

“Changing the manager doesn’t solve the problem,” he blasted.

“The next manager will be our fifth manager in the space of two years, and therein lies the problem.

“The common denominator is poor decision making from the chairman and a lack of backing for the manager.

“The football team is starved of investment at the moment and whoever is brought in needs to be backed.

“We have the money in the bank, it’s time to get it spent.

“The fans will be very disappointed with the news.

“It’s the first time in a good few years the fans have been able to strike up a bond with the manager and had real respect for him.

“I think that speaks volumes and we all wish him well for the future.”

Pool’s supporters have protested during almost all of the club’s games so far with many calling for an exit for the Oyston family.

Blackpool Supporters’ Trust have been involved in a number of stunts including the unveiling a banner demanding Oyston puts football first for the good of the club.

And their chairman Tim Fielding says Riga’s departure is a sad day.

He said: “I think most Blackpool fans are disappointed as I don’t think it matters who is at the helm.

“Riga has shown a lot of dignity in the face of very difficult circumstances of which he’s had to work.

“I think he leaves Blackpool with his head held high having had an impossible job.

“The situation we are in is a reflection of the recruitment policy in the summer.

“Not only are we struggling to stay up, we are also struggling to reach the record low points total.

“With the squad which is there at the moment, although there are some good guys who are clearly committed, there isn’t the spark which is needed.

“We’d need a manager who could pull in a few favours and bring in some loan signings which we badly need.

“We need someone who could quickly bring in loan players, we can’t afford to wait until January.”