Pool facing lowest crowds in a decade

Empty seats became a familiar sight last season
Empty seats became a familiar sight last season
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Bloomfield Road looks set for its lowest crowds in almost a decade as fans turn their back on the relegated club.

The Gazette understands that around just 300 supporters have signed up for season tickets for the coming campaign.

Even though a further 3,800 will be entering the second season of a two-year deal, the Seasiders are facing a campaign of sub-5,000 attendances for the first time since 2006, with many insisting they will not set foot in Bloomfield Road while the Oyston family remain in charge.

Since Pool’s rise to the Championship in 2007, attendances have risen and peaked in the Premier League season of 2010-11, when 13,000 bought season tickets.

Although official attendance figures last season were always around 10,000, with season ticket holders included whether they turned up or not, the number actually coming through the turnstiles was less than half that figure at times.

The last time an official attendance dropped below 5,000 was for the visit of Cheltenham in December 2006.

Blackpool Supporters Trust has been outspoken in its campaign against the club’s owners, accusing them of alienating the fanbase.

BST chairman Steve Rowland said: “In contrast to ‘the best trip’, the current situation could hardly be more bleak. There appears to be no hope of any real or lasting change under this current regime.

“The owners seem to be completely unwilling to compromise and instead have alienated the fanbase almost entirely.

“They continue to prosecute fans, continue to issue threatening statements, have refused to give the local paper access to the club and, in the opinion of our members, continue to demonstrate their lack of suitability to be custodians of Blackpool Football Club.”