Players could head out of Bloomfield Road

Matt Phillips is a prime example of how the loan system works well
Matt Phillips is a prime example of how the loan system works well
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IAN Holloway has hinted players could be on their way out of Bloomfield Road on loan.

The Seasiders boast a squad of 45 professionals, a number which could grow should even more deals be completed next week.

Pool have a number of senior players yet to be involved in the first-team squad who would benefit from a spell on loan.

Holloway felt the positives of loaning stars out last season when he allowed Sheffield United to sign Matt Phillips for three months.

The forward came back firing, and Holloway says he wouldn’t have a problem with using the loan market in the same way this season.

“If people aren’t getting games here, I have the luxury of being able to loan people out to keep them up to speed,” he said.

“If some players aren’t happy or aren’t getting what they think is a fair crack of the whip, then there’s always the loan market for them to look at.

“Everyone needs games.

“The situations we’ve found ourselves in for the last few years is that anyone playing in the games outside the first team, haven’t been playing at the standard they need to.”

Much has been made of the size of Holloway’s squad at Bloomfield Road.

But he thinks having a large competitive set of players is the only way to go.

The spirit at Bloomfield Road is as strong as ever.

Only this week, senior players such as Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Ian Evatt have told The Gazette how everyone at the club are pulling in the right direction, despite some not being involved.

But Holloway says there’s only one person’s happiness who really counts.

“I’m the only one who has to be happy,” he said.

“I have to be happy with the squad I pick on a Saturday.

“I am able to do what I like and pick who I like, I’ve always done that and in the Premier League it cost the club £25,000.

“Sometimes I’ll want to change a winning team, sometimes I’ll want to rest players, but the back-up are now as good as the first team.

“I have a lot of names and options in the squad, and that’s what we want.

“I’m not sure I’ve had enough choices in the past, I wasn’t able to change things as much as I wanted.

“People will have to accept that they might not play every week.”