Paul Stewart outlines "very positive" talks with receiver over Blackpool FC bid

Paul Stewart revealed his consortium's Blackpool FC bid has been taken 'very seriously' by the court receiver
Paul Stewart revealed his consortium's Blackpool FC bid has been taken 'very seriously' by the court receiver

Former Blackpool star Paul Stewart has revealed his consortium’s interest in buying the football club has been taken “very seriously” by the receiver.

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As Stewart revealed in his Gazette column on Friday, the group made two offers to Valeri Belokon prior to the court hearing last Wednesday, when the receiver was appointed to take over the club.

However, the Latvian told them he had no power to sell despite initially inviting offers.

Former England midfielder Stewart, 54, who played for Blackpool for seven years, has since held talks with receiver Paul Cooper and told The Gazette: “We spoke to the receiver on Thursday and he has taken our interest very seriously. The talks were very positive.

“We expressed our concerns that the club could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire as there are likely to be a lot of interested parties, including time-wasters and people who do not have the club at heart.

“The receiver understands it isn’t about who offers most and is about the bigger picture.”

One man behind the bid has been revealed as football finance specialist Terry Pritchard.

But The Gazette understands there are two others involved, one being Stewart Pinner, whose late father Keith was honorary president at Manchester City.

He is an expert in sponsorship, having previously struck deals with the Premier League and EFL.

Paul Stewart added: “The people involved have worked in football extensively and include a financial expert, who has bought and sold clubs, and a chief executive, who has been around football for 20 years.

“They are serious about acquiring the club and they are more than interested working with Mr Belokon, if he wants to stay involved, and obviously Blackpool Supporters’ Trust.

“We have a strong case and I think it fits the model that works for all parties.”

If the bid was successful, Stewart says he would remain involved but not with an official title.

“I already work within the community and that’s where I see myself continuing to work,” he added.

“It would be easy to get the supporters back for a honeymoon period but we need the club to become part of the community again on a long-term basis and I see myself being a big part of that.

“It’s about closing the gap that has grown between the club and community.

“Working with the Supporters’ Trust I think is very important because they have been instrumental in the deposing of Oyston.

“It’s difficult to give the finer details because at this moment there aren’t any details to give. We haven’t been asked to make an offer to the receiver yet because his first focus will be to go into the club, and quite rightly so.”