Paul Stewart column: The questions we need answered at Blackpool FC

Paul Stewart
Paul Stewart
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I have tried to steer clear of writing about my former club Blackpool in this column, but with the pending lucrative cup game against Arsenal looming, the fans and myself alike could do with some answers.

The current situation is now embarrassing, if indeed it wasn’t already, but the game against Arsenal is another moneyspinner, and where will that money go?
Rumours are rife around my hometown that the Oystons are within a whisker of being ousted but week in, week out nothing seems to materialise.
I have a few questions I would like answered.
Why is the judicial system allowing the owners to keep avoiding payments?
Why are the EFL not intervening and suspending the family from controlling a club that is in such a state of turmoil?
But most importantly, if Mr Belokon is serious and wants the club, then surely he has it within his power to stamp his authority on the situation and give the fans their club back?
I came to Blackpool at the tender age of 10 years old.
I spent most of my youth at the once famous club, which now has become a laughing stock.
I now fear for its long- term existence.
As most people know, I have settled in Blackpool despite my top-flight career taking me all over the country.
I would love at some point to be able to return to the club that gave me my start in football, meet ex-players and share memories, like my playing colleagues do at their respective clubs.
Most of all, I would like the fans to rejoin and be able to support their hometown team.
The powers that be really don’t understand, and nor do they really care, that a football club is an integral part of the community.
It has a massive impact on the local area, as supporters live, eat and breath what goes on at their club.
So Mr Belokon, are you going to put up or shut up? All the town and myself want is a focal point, a place to go where we can forget about daily life, laugh and joke with our colleagues, shout and release some pent-up anger on our own team or the opposition.
Basically, we want our club back.
I don’t expect a reply, Mr Belokon, but you can contact me via The Gazette at
I also welcome any questions or comments from readers on any football matters.