Oyston: Why I won’t splash cash

Karl Oyston
Karl Oyston
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KARL Oyston claims he will never spend millions at Blackpool FC – no matter how much stick he gets.

The Seasiders chairman has defended his decision not to splash the cash since a Premier League season that netted the club £40m.

Aside from the acquisition of £750,000 Barry Ferguson, Pool dealt in free transfers last summer.

It is true the club’s budget has almost doubled since the last Championship campaign – due to a bigger squad and higher wages – but some supporters have been vocal in questioning why Oyston hasn’t been more free with his money.

The man himself gives short shrift to the criticism.

He said: “Since the day I walked in at Blackpool, I’ve been under pressure to spend money and I don’t suppose that ever changes at any football club,” he said.

“It is easy to go out and spend money and to be pressurised into that, but it is not something that will ever happen here.

“I will never be pressured into spending on things that we don’t think give us good value or on players we don’t believe will benefit and improve the squad.

“Some people might not like that, fine. People always have an opinion and they are entitled to it.

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“For our supporters this club is their passion and lifeblood. I understand that and support that, and that’s why we work as hard as we can to realise their dreams and our aspirations at the same time.

“My job is to be slightly more objective and level-headed and do what I think is right to progress the football club.

“That is what we have done and that’s why we’ve had the modest success we’ve had. Spending money guarantees nothing in this game – quite the opposite is true in many cases.

“Spending a lot of money just means you end up heading in the wrong direction.

“We want to keep heading in the right direction and I believe we are.

“In my 12 years as chairman, the club has come a massive way. We are probably the envy of a lot of clubs in the country because of where we have come from, how we have conducted ourselves and the position of strength we now sit in.”

Oyston says that strong position will allow Pool to resist offers for star players such as Matt Phillips and Alex Baptiste during this month’s transfer window.

The chairman revealed he has already received and rejected several bids.

He added: “We are a stronger club now and no-one will be able to pinch our players.

“I am not going to talk about specific players who have been the subject of offers, but so far we’ve been able to refuse and say they are nowhere near good enough. Because of our financial strength we can say no.

“Other factors always need to be taken into account, like whether the player wants to stay and whether it is right for him to go, but we are in a very strong position and can exploit that to our benefit.”