Oyston: We are trying to seal deals

Blackpool manager Ian Holloway
Blackpool manager Ian Holloway
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KARL Oyston has told fans he is trying to sign new players as quickly as possible, but warns that sealing deals is far from easy.

The chairman and boss Ian Holloway have a big rebuilding job to do ahead of next season, with Oyston talking about recruiting up to 10 players.

Fans are eager to see who the club will bring in as it attempts to bounce back to the Premier League.

But Oyston says it isn’t easy getting deals done.

“We always assemble a squad each summer, we have done it for the 12 years I’ve been here,” said Oyston.

“Anyone who thinks you have a week of making 10 phonecalls and 10 players turn up and agree personal terms in five minutes, have a medical and sign, is naive in the extreme. It doesn’t work like that.

“It is more like a game of poker. The player asks for a certain amount of money and certain terms, and the agent tells you they’ve been offered certain amounts of money and certain terms, which sometimes is a big fib.

“So it is up to us to judge what they have been offered, and where we should pitch ourselves and that is the difficult part of football.

“But to think we can just go out and bring 10 players in very quickly, much as we’d like to, isn’t necessarily that easy – especially the type of players that we are pitching for because they probably have a few more choices than players we’ve chased in the past.

“We’re going for better players than we ever have before. Or at least I hope so given the money we’re offering some of them!”

Part of the problem for Pool is that other teams now view them as one of the wealthier Football League clubs. They have got Premier League money and are now receiving parachute payments.

Oyston acknowledges the club is in a healthy position but says it shouldn’t mean the Seasiders have to pay unrealistic fees and wages.

“We made a couple of offers while I was at the chairman’s conference in Cyprus last week,” said Oyston.

“They were bids for players that have not really – and I don’t mean this in any disrespectful way because I’m sure they are very good players – but they’ve not had long careers.