Oyston: Money isn’t everything in football

Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston
Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston
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Karl Oyston claims spending money isn’t half as important as some football fans make out.

The Blackpool chairman is known for his tight grip on finances when it comes to transfer fees, player wages and paying agents.

His policies have been criticised by some Seasiders supporters, particularly as the club fights a second successive relegation battle just three seasons after being in the Premier League.

Oyston agrees the season has been disappointing but he stands by his policies.

Oyston told The Gazette: “Money is only ever talked about when things are going badly. That it is being mentioned so often now is a real indication of how poor things are.

“Everyone says, ‘Spend some money’, but our budget for players’ wages and transfer fees is significantly greater than the one which saw us get into the Premier League.

“No-one will ever convince me money is the relevant issue here, unless of course you go to the ridiculous lengths some clubs do to try to buy their way out of the division.

“Money isn’t the only factor in success because it can be spent very ineffectively and very unwisely. Conversely, you can spend it sparsely and do well. It’s not about money.

“I’ll never be convinced otherwise but that’s the thing which is always thrown as us when things are going badly. It’s my job to make sure people can never throw anything at us. We don’t want things to be as bad as this again.”

Pool didn’t win a match in December, January or February and lie seven points above the Championship drop zone. It prompted supporter unrest, with a plane fly-over and even a march with a coffin to symbolise the death of the club’s Premier League legacy.

And Oyston is keen to turn that negativity around. He said: “I don’t want to belittle the efforts of supporters who are of the opinion that’s their route to changing how I operate the club. No-one who runs any business, particularly a football club, wants to see that sort of disaffection.

“However small in scale, it’s a bad indicator of where we are and it’s not where we want to be.

“We want people to look forward to coming to Bloomfield Road and have something to cheer them up after a hard week at work. We don’t want people feeling they have to march around in the rain with a cardboard coffin.”

Yeovil are Saturday’s visitors and Oyston can’t forget the previous game against Gary Johnson’s side – Pool’s 1-0 defeat at Huish Park began the 18-match winless run.

“Yeovil was the tipping point,” said the chairman. “We should have won that night, then the wheels seemed to come off. Nothing changed particularly, so it was strange it went wrong so quickly. But we are determined to make sure it doesn’t happen again next season.”