Oyston: I’ll never listen to protests

Blackpool fans chanted towards the chairman at Ewood Park on Saturday
Blackpool fans chanted towards the chairman at Ewood Park on Saturday
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Karl Oyston says any Blackpool supporters planning protests against him are wasting their time.

The chairman insists he will never be influenced by pressure from fans, no matter how loud they shout.

Oyston has come in for more criticism this week, after the defeat at Blackburn stretched Pool’s shocking winless run to 13 games.

Fan protests are expected at Saturday’s home game against Nottingham Forest but Oyston insists they are pointless.

“No amount of chanting, demonstrations or anything else will have any influence on the decisions I make or the way I run the business. It just won’t,” he told The Gazette.

“If people need to do something and want to demonstrate or chant, then that’s a matter for them but it won’t have any influence.

“I’m all for positivity and supporting the team, and I think that’s what people should do.”

Oyston revealed his own frustrations in yesterday’s Gazette and ensured fans the club is striving to put things right.

He added: “If people want to have a discussion about that, then they have the route via the Blackpool Supporters Association.

“I’m happy to sit down soon with BSA and talk about where we are and more importantly how we get out of this.

“The only thing we can do now is stick together and get out of this situation.”

Oyston doesn’t like managerial changes, but he has lost three in the last 15 months and says he had no option but to sack Paul Ince.

“It frustrates me that we find ourselves in this position again, very much so,” he admitted. “Throughout my tenure I’ve always majored on stability. We’ve really not had any lately.

“Football is a results business and we would not make a managerial change unless we had to. In this case we felt we had to. It’s that which has given us the instability. The off-the-field side of the business is stable but on it we’ve had a nightmare run.”

Blackpool added seven players in the week running up to last Friday’s transfer deadline and Oyston feels the squad is now big enough to cope.

He added: “Now we have to make sure we get the best out of the squad we have.

“Thanks to the changes we made in the transfer window, the squad can no longer we considered too small.

“We now have the basic tools to do the job, with sufficient quality and experience.”