Oyston: I have made bad decisions

Owen Oyston
Owen Oyston
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Owen Oyston has admitted making ‘bad decisions’ which Blackpool are currently ‘suffering’ from..

The club owner, who very rarely speaks publicly, made the admission in the latest public letter to Blackpool Supporters’ Trust regarding their offer to take over the troubled club.

Pool lie bottom of the League One table following relegation last season and have been blighted by a number of off-the-field incidents of late.

While chairman Karl Oyston has refused to talk to the media about the situation, his father Owen has admitted some responsibility for the first time.

“Most clubs have bad runs. But this is no consolation or excuse,” he said.”

“The directors of Blackpool Football Club, and obviously I am included, have made some bad decisions, the consequences of which we are suffering from.

“However we are doing our utmost to put things right and learning from our mistakes but we need the support of the fans if we are to start to climb back.”

In a lengthy letter Oyston once again talked about his long-term backing of the club, insisting he saved it from extinction.

He also claimed no-one moaned about his family when the club rose to the Premier League in 2010.

Oyston added: “The single most important objective in my life is for the club to get back to winning ways. It is simply unbearable when we lose.

“I believe it will be just as vital for the club to have support from the Oyston Group of companies or a similar organisation in the future. Indeed, I heard no criticism of this union from anyone during the 24 years before we entered the Premier League.

“The union worked very well when I was pouring vast sums of money, interest free and unsecured, into the club. Nor did I hear any criticism on reaching the Premier League.”

While talking at length about his involvement in Blackpool, the multi-millionaire businessman also responded to BST’s bid for the club, asking them a number of questions.The supporter group tabled an offer worth around £23m which involved taking over the club using its own assets.

Something which Oyston needs much more information.

“You as virtual strangers to me are asking that I give to you something that I have built up of immense value, and which has been my life for going on 28 years,” he wrote to BST.

“In the best interests of the club, the fans, the directors and the share holders, it would be totally irresponsible of me to accede to your request for a meeting, without the information, which I say again, is fundamental to my consideration of your proposal and is normal business practice anyway.

“Please remember I have no knowledge of your background or whether you have any experience of running a football club, or even a business.

“That is why I am raising the queries and asking the questions.

Oyston gave the group until September 11 to answer the questions, something BST chairman Steve Rowland told The Gazette they intend to do.

“We will be responding, but in private like we wish to do our business,” Rowland said. “We are disappointed they have chosen to go public with this letter.” and ignore our request for it to go offline.”