Oyston hints at end to lawsuits against fans

Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston
Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston
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Karl Oyston is considering an “amnesty” on legal action against Blackpool supporters.

Blackpool FC and the Oyston family have launched lawsuits against fans in recent months over online comments about the Oystons and their running of the club.

Supporters sued have faced fines of up to £20,000.

Pool chairman Oyston hasn’t spoken publicly all year but did meet this month with members of the club’s ‘Fans Progress Group’.

While Oyston didn’t want media at the event and refused to be quoted, minutes of the meeting have been released.

They read: “KO indicated the club is looking to conclude all legal action as speedily as possible and may consider an amnesty. However, action depends on the seriousness of offences.”

Yet the minutes add that more action against fans is planned. “KO agreed the sooner all action taken against fans is concluded the better, but accepts forthcoming action against the pitch invaders may upset some supporters.”

While some fans have appeared in court following the pitch invasion which forced the abandonment of last season’s final game against Huddersfield, it appears many of those involved will not be prosecuted.

The minutes added: “Oyston indicated many supporters will be given the opportunity to sign an acceptable behaviour notice without further consequence, and durin this process it would be made clear that encroachment of the pitch is a criminal offence.”