Oyston heralds new direction

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KARL Oyston thinks Paul Ince will give the club a change of direction which is badly needed.

The Pool chairman took 38 days to replace Michael Appleton as Blackpool manager, but is convinced he’s made the right choice.

Ince became the third boss of the season at Bloomfield Road last night, and Oyston revealed the new man’s discipline was a big draw.

“I’m pleased that we’ve got someone who is very enthusiastic and wants to bring disciplines that I think we’re lacking,” said Oyston.

“We definitely needed a change of direction in many ways and while in my 15 years here I’ve never really felt it necessary.

“I think it was getting to the stage where I was going to be forced to get involved in the football side of the business because we lacked direction – I think I used the word rudderless which was quite appropriate.

“I know in Paul we have someone who has an absolute mandate from us and he has a lot of views of his own on what we need to sharpen up on and what we need to improve in terms of discipline, training regime, the way we coach the players, the way we prepare for games and the way we organise our football staff.

“I’ll be delighted to assist him with sharpening that side up, because it really does need it.”

Pool interviewed a number of candidates for the job, with Sean O’Driscoll, Billy Davies and Owen Coyle all close to joining the club.

But Oyston thinks the slightly longer than usual process is something which will benefit Pool.

“It’s probably important that we went through the process that we went through.

“It would have been the easy choice to make straight away because obviously he’s been in and around the club over the last couple of years.

“I think he’s better placed than nearly any managerial candidate to know what the issues were both from his own observations and from discussions with his son, in guiding his son to become the player that he’s become.

“So I think it was important for us to go what we’ve gone through, and not just clutch at the first and nearest person who was right under our noses.

“I’ve no regrets about the way that we’ve gone through the process, I think we’ve lacked direction and drifted a little bit and I think that could’ve been arrested slightly sooner.”

Ince now has two games in four days with the trip to Leeds tomorrow before Leicester arrive at Bloomfield Road on Saturday.

But once the dust settles, Oyston expects his new man will want to do business in the transfer market.

“Every manager wants to bring players in, I’ve never met one here or anywhere else that doesn’t want to bring players in, that’s a given,” said Oyston.

“I think that for football managers recruitment is the biggest part of the job, and we’ve got several big decisions to make in regards to players to retain and players that we need to bring in.

“Every club assembles a squad of 23 or 24 that would be a first-team squad, we’ll be no different and so there is a lot of work to do.”