Oyston: Fans need their heads looking at

Karl Oyston
Karl Oyston
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KARL Oyston has finally broken his season-long silence by suggesting Blackpool’s critical supporters need to see their GP.

“Horrific short-term memory loss” is the condition some Seasiders fans are suffering from, according to the chairman, who has spoken out to defend manager Ian Holloway from the stick he has been getting at the ground and on the internet.

It is a change of tack by Oyston, who had repeatedly declined to give interviews in the last two months after becoming fed up with comments about the club’s lack of summer spending.

With £45m banked from the Premier League campaign, and a further £7m-plus from the sale of Charlie Adam and DJ Campbell, supporters wanted to know why Pool spent only a small proportion of that money in the transfer window.

Oyston hasn’t specifically answered that question – The Gazette and other media outlets weren’t invited to the interview, which was conducted by club website staff – but he talked about plenty of other things in what amounts to a passionate defence of his manager.

Holloway has become increasingly frustrated over the last couple of weeks and is understood to have been particularly down after Saturday’s home defeat by Nottingham Forest.

Perhaps alarmed by this, Oyston decided to break his silence – probably in an attempt to divert some of the fans’ unhappiness on to himself. It is a tactic that is likely to work as the chairman hasn’t held back.

“Some supporters think they know better than the manager,” Oyston said. “I would suggest anyone who thinks they know better than Ian, and those who have been questioning our signings or tactics of late, should go and get themselves off to their GP because they clearly have had a horrific short-term memory loss.

“Ian, during his time with us, has transformed our club beyond recognition and we won’t question any of his policies or ways of doing things, and people who do wouldn’t get any thought or consideration from me.

“Some (fans) have high expectations, and whilst that is great they have to be tempered with a realistic mindset.

“We are back in a division that is tougher than ever. The manager needs time and support to build his squad, and doesn’t need a minority of supporters having a go at him and the team.

“It probably unsettles the players and affects their confidence, and it does no-one any favours.

“I know it is the nature of the industry, but I do think those who are complaining need to look at where we have come from, where we’ve been, what we were and what we are now, and be slightly more positive in their approach.

“We are competing well in the Championship and would have been delighted at that two or three years ago.

“I am sure we could still have a fantastic season, but I would ask those who are criticising Ian and the team to be a little more objective.”