Oyston era in 'death throes' say fans after 'outrageous' Blackpool appointment

New Blackpool chief executive Sam Oyston (centre) with his grandfather Owen (right), the club's owner
New Blackpool chief executive Sam Oyston (centre) with his grandfather Owen (right), the club's owner

The appointment of Sam Oyston as Blackpool’s chief executive signals the “final death throes” of the club under the Oyston regime.

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That’s according to Christine Seddon, chairman of the Blackpool Supporters’ Trust (BST), who branded the appointment “outrageous” and slammed the club for being in “disarray”.

Last year Karl Oyston admitted under oath in court that his son, who runs Blackpool FC Hotel, has “no authority” and can’t make a move without his say-so.

Now Sam has been given the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the football club following the sudden departure of Alex Cowdy on Saturday.

Seddon said: “In many ways this does not come as a huge surprise because they are clearly up against it and are in complete disarray. What choice did they have?

“But it begs the question on what grounds Alex Cowdy was removed from his role. He obviously wasn’t made redundant because if that was the case they wouldn’t be able to appoint somebody else.

“The first thing that came to mind was the evidence Karl Oyston gave when he was being cross-examined during the Manchester case. He told the judge Sam was his subordinate when it came to running the hotel and just did as he was told. Ironically, in the London case, Judge Marcus Smith said the same thing about Karl being subordinate to Owen! The whole thing is just outrageous.

“They are bringing the game into disrepute – the EFL have to act.

“They’ve brought in a young man whose only experience is running a hotel, and not very well at that. Now he is in charge of the day-to-day running of a League club.

“In terms of the sale of the club, I don’t see how this changes anything. They are just filling the gaps until the club is taken off them.

“The club is in its final death throes under the Oyston regime. It’s a laughing stock.

“January 31 remains the important date as it will be game over if they cannot make that £10m payment (to Valeri Belokon).”

Sam Oyston has been heavily involved in the recent redundancies at the club, having been given the responsibility of sending out letters to staff affected and holding meetings.

Despite being diagnosed with a long-term illness last year, The Gazette has been told his health will not affect any of his duties.

In June the club issued a statement regarding Sam’s illness through Belokon, who at the time was involved in a bitter court case with the Oystons.

Both the EFL and Belokon have been contacted for comment.